About Us

The Vision

Tricked Out Accessories has emerged as the premier provider in the mobile device accessories industry, largely because we employ a skilled and knowledgeable sales staff, and have a management team that diligently strives for excellence and progress.
Our mission is to set the standard in positive customer experiences by providing the highest quality customer service paired with an energetic store atmosphere. We strive to offer the absolute best balance of selection, quality, style and value.

Our History

Since our humble beginning in 2003, starting out as a single kiosk in the Newgate Mall in Ogden UT, we have been fortunate to grow rapidly and establish Tricked Out Accessories as the dominant source for mobile accessories in Utah. We are rolling out that same high standard to our neighboring states in Colorado and Idaho, and across the Pacific to Hawaii. We currently have 26 stores with additional locations coming soon. As a company, we have remained small enough to remain true to our mission of developing the best specialty shops in the industry. We are now poised to expand and meet the high expectations of our shopping centers and customers while maintaining our commitment to quality.

Standards in Product Line

Tricked Out Accessories has been involved in the mobile device industry nearly since its inception, and we have valued relationships with all the top designers and manufacturers. Of the many distribution channels and product lines at our disposal, we have carefully selected the very best products from the best companies to feature in all of our retail locations.

While many accessory companies choose to carry only aftermarket accessories with the highest margins, we have chosen to offer a full balance of aftermarket accessories, as well as many of the most desirable and reputable OEM brands available.

OurĀ Future

Tricked Out Accessories has been able to steadily expand while maintaining focus on what is important to us and our customer. We are excited to continue this growth and expand into other markets. New locations are being considered in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada and Hawaii. We have a great relationship with our current property owners and are careful to choose shopping centers whose standards and vision reflect our own. We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with high quality and innovative products that protect their mobile devices, allow them to express their individuality, and make their lives easier.

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