10″ Selfie Ring Light for Office/Home/Makeup


Step up your video conferences, school tutorial sessions or your makeup game!  This selfie light helps bring brightness and vitality to you, especially when viewed online.  Customize the color and brightness of your lighting to make yourself look great!

Simply plug in the selfie light, customize the color, adjust the flexible lighting head, and use your favorite video camera to project yourself

Equipped With 120 upgraded LEDs with three different color settings (cool, warm and sunlight) and 3 mode dimmable lightning (low, normal, high white brightness). Its soft circular light casts  a soft light and enhances your beauty

Compatible with all USB-A inputs and works to enhance your look on phones,  tablets and laptops. 


Special Features:
• 3 color levels (warm, cool, and sunlight)
• 3 brightness settings per level
• 35" tripod with phone holder

• 120 LEDs
• 180 degree LED head movement
• 2 meter cable included