Booking a repair at Tricked Out Accessories is a breeze. Simply select your local store from the list below and follow the easy steps. We make the process swift and straightforward, ensuring your phone gets back to working order in no time. Most repairs can be done in an hour or so!

Step 1:

Search Your Location then Select “Book Repair” at the location of your choice.



Tricked Out Accessories is your premier local retailer for phone accessory and repair needs. We specialize in cases, chargers, battery banks, and screen protectors to ensure your phone's safety and longevity.

Our products are designed to guard against everyday accidents, offering protection from scratches, cracks, and drops. We value individuality, offering a wide variety of designs, colors, and materials to personalize your device.

At Tricked Out Accessories, we deliver high-quality accessories that protect, personalize, and repair, keeping your phone in top shape.

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