Tricked Out Accessories

Protection Plans

Tricked Out now offers 4 different levels of Protection Plans to best fit your phone needs!


The Protection Plan covers physical damage to the glass only of this device, and is not transferrable to any other device.  Coverage for front and back glass must be purchased separately, except with Ultimate Coverage which includes coverage for both sides.  Scratches and minor wear are not covered.  If the glass on this device is cracked while being protected with a Tricked Out shield or case, Tricked Out will replace the covered glass for the current repair price minus the coverage amount.  If coverage exceeds the repair price, there will be no charge for the repair but no additional credit will be applied above the repair price.  Coverage expires after two years or one claim, whichever comes first (Ultimate coverage allows two claims within two years).  This plan does not cover any component of the device other than the covered glass.  This plan is void if the shield or case has been removed, or if the crack is caused by damage to the frame/housing or tampering.  Any damage or defect that is not repaired by replacing the covered glass component is not covered under this plan.