If you’ve had your phone for more than one year, you may be wondering why your iPhone runs slower than it did when you first bought it. Is the phone actually running slow, or have you just grown impatient with it? And if it really is running slower than it used to, what is causing this slow-down? Is it the increasing number of photos and videos that you’ve recorded, or is this just “a thing that happens” as phones get older? Believe it or not, when it comes to your iPhone’s decreasing speed, the answer very well may be your battery.

Slowdown Reportedly

This slowdown reportedly began in early 2018, when avid Apple users and other tech professionals began to notice that certain iPhones were starting to run more slowly. After investigation, it became apparent that Apple was intentionally making phones with older batteries run slower. The initial reason for doing this was simple enough: as batteries get older and lose their health, malfunctions begin to arise, including multiple random shutdowns for those trying to complete a task that required a lot of processing power, such as opening specific apps on the phone.. The ideal solution would be to replace the battery, but for those that don’t want to spend the money on a replacement, a simple slowdown of the phone’s processor will help it survive for longer. The scandal came from the fact that Apple kept this knowledge private; this caused speculation that the company kept the battery issue silent possibly in the hopes that an uninformed customer would spend up to $1000 on a new phone, as opposed to simply spending $80 on a new battery.
However, once this information became public, and once Apple faced proper scrutiny for such avoidance of a larger issue, solutions began to come into place. A battery replacement directly from Apple, normally priced at $80, was brought down to $29 for one year so that customers could fix their phones. (Apple recently brought the price back up, which means a new iPhone battery will range between $60 and $80.)
So what does this mean for your phone? If you feel like your iPhone doesn’t run as fast as it used to when you initially purchased it, you may be right, and the reason for your iPhone’s slowness may be a battery in need of replacement. But what’s the best way to tell?
Fortunately, in subsequent software updates, Apple has made battery health more transparent. If you go to Settings on your iPhone, and then click on Battery, and then Battery Health, you will be able to see the battery’s current health. As a reference, if your phone’s battery reads at 90% or above, you are likely fine for the time being; however, if the battery reads below 90%, you may want to seriously consider replacing your battery. If it reads below 85%, you definitely want to get your battery replaced. For most people, their phone is their lifeline. From the moment it wakes you up to the moment it lulls you to sleep, your phone has become an integral part of your everyday functionality. If your iPhone is so vital to what you do every day, isn’t it worth it to properly maintain it?
Luckily, if you are in need of a replacement battery for your iPhone, we are able to help you. At Tricked Out Accessories, the price for a battery replacement is $50, which is still cheaper than what you would pay at Apple; however, with a purchase of $30 of more, our battery replacement becomes discounted down to $30, which is obviously cheaper than our normal price of $50 or Apple’s minimum price of $60. So come on in, get your phone repair, check out our phone accessories, and then let us help you get that battery replaced so that your phone is running like it’s brand new!
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