A guide to fixing 4 most common iPhone problems by professionals

iPhones are one the most powerful, dynamic, and well-equipped gadgets. Their massive popularity is justified when we look at the awesome specs and the solid hardware they offer. However, even the best devices can sometimes falter and present an unexpected glitch. If you are an iPhone user, you may encounter some of these problems while using your iPhone. If you do, it is important not to panic and resolve the issue at hand.

Let us take a look at some of the common iPhone problems and what to do about them.

A Cracked Screen

  • Phone screens crack due to accidental falls all the time. A cracked screen is not just a visual annoyance but can strain the eyes as well. If your phone’s screen has cracked, you may continue using it because getting it repaired is just too much work. But after a few days, the cracks will start to widen and you will have to get the screen repaired or the phone will become unusable.

If your phon’s screen has cracked, get it replaced urgently. Contact Tricked Out Accessories. We offer mobile iPhone repair services i.e. you can call us and we will collect your phone and repair it. You won’t have to step a foot out of your home.

Water Damage

  • Water can be quite damaging for electronic devices and iPhones are no exception. Accidental slip of your phone in a pool of water or spilling water on it can cause water damage. If, by fault, your iPhone got submerged in water, take it out and wipe away all the water on the outer surface with a tissue.

Your phone will most likely turn off after its contact with water. Do not turn on the phone immediately as doing so can cause permanent damage to the phone’s internal components. Rather place your phone in a water-absorbent material like rice for 24 hours. Rice will suck in all the water which may have got inside your phone and leave it dry.

  • You can also dismantle your phone and dry it using a hairdryer but that requires a lot of skill and you might end up damaging any delicate internal component. Contact Tricked Out Accessories for damage recovery if the phone doesn’t operate even after drying it manually.

common iphone problemsPhone Does Not Get Charged

Another common issue that most users face is that the phone does not charge properly when plugged in. this can be due to a couple of reasons. Do the following if the phone doesn’t charge properly:

  • Dust the charging port to remove any dust or debris.
  • To test whether there is an issue with the connection cable, plug it into other Apple devices. If it charges other devices, then the issue may be with the USB plug.
  • Insert a working USB cable in the USB plug and see if it charges a device. If no current runs through the cable, then the Apple USB plug may be faulty.
  • Force restart your phone and then try to charge it.

If all the above fail and the phone still won’t charge, then contact your nearest service provider to resolve the issue at once.


  • Overheating can occur due to excessive use of the phone or due to prolonged exposure to high-intensity sunlight. If your phone gets hot, then remove the phone case and all attached accessories. Switch the phone to Airplane Mode and don’t charge an overheated phone. If the phone doesn’t cool down in a few minutes, choose the ‘Reset All Settings’ to calm your phone down.

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