Continue reading to find out when is the ideal time to repair or replace your smartphone

Smartphones are inarguably an essential part of our daily life. But these devices are prone to knocks, drops, software malfunctions, and other damages that impact their working. The extent of damage determines whether a phone needs to be repaired or replaced. Continue reading to find out when to repair or replace your phone.

Factors To Consider

  • If a recently bought phone is damaged, you may be more inclined to repair it. On the other hand, if an older phone gets damaged, replacing it with a newer model may be a better and more cost-effective option.

Several other factors can affect your decision to repair or replace a damaged smartphone including:

Extent Of Damage

  • A damaged phone may or may not be repaired, it depends on the degree of the damage. The extent of damage plays a significant role in the decision to repair or replace it.

The issues that can usually be repaired include cracked screens, broken earphone jacks, unresponsive buttons, broken speakers, overheating batteries, and broken microphones. However, the damage that reaches the body and internal components of the phone may be irreparable.

Age Of The Phone

  • Just like computers, smartphones slow down as they become old. Software and operating systems are designed to update and run on newer hardware. When a phone becomes old it stops receiving these software updates.

For instance, if you haven’t replaced your phone in a while you will likely notice some function slowdowns even without any external damage.

Outdated Software

  • After about 5 years a phone will no longer be compatible with newer software and this has a huge effect on your phone’s performance.

So even if you spend money on repairing a phone that is at least 5 years old it still won’t make a significant difference in its performance. If that is the case, it is wise to replace your phone rather than waste money on repairing the software.

Time Taken To Repair A Phone

  • We rely on our phones for pretty much everything. Our phone holds our important data and contacts. So it can be inconvenient when a phone stops working. Repairs, however, take time. Issues are first diagnosed then the process of repairing begins.

If a damaged part needs to be ordered, it can further extend the repair time. Sometimes, phone repairers have to repair other devices before they get to yours. All this adds up to the waiting period.

Buy A New Phone

  • If you cannot wait that long without your phone you can get a new phone and have it set up within the day of purchase. Replacement is the better option when you do not have time to wait for a repair.

Pros Of Fixing A Smartphone

  • Repairing a smartphone may be cheaper than buying a brand new phone.
  • It eliminates the need of adjusting to a new phone.
  • Some damages and their repairs are covered by the warranty.

Cons Of Fixing A Smartphone

  • repair or replace your smartphoneA repair could cost you more than a replacement if the damage is serious.
  • Some types of damage cannot be repaired.
  • Sometimes, the phone does not work as well as it worked before the repair.

When Should You Replace Your Smartphone?

In some instances, upgrading your smartphone is a better option than fixing it. Replace your smartphone when:

  • Replacement would cost less as compared to fixing.
  • You have an older and outdated version of your smartphone.
  • You have a malfunctioning speaker.
  • Your phone has multiple issues such as a broken screen, irresponsive buttons, and issues with the touch.

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