Check out the list below for 10 useful tricks to speed up your phone like an expert

Slowed-down apps, delays in visual movements, and frequent storage warnings are some of the signs that indicate your phone is experiencing a drop in performance. Fortunately, there are a few tips to try to get your phone back on track. Let’s take a look at some methods of speeding up your phone.

Refrain From Using Live Wallpapers

  • It is advisable to avoid using live wallpapers as they tend to slow down your phone’s speed. This is especially true for budget phones that have limited memory. Animated wallpapers may look attractive and give a personalized feel, but they consume a significant amount of battery.

Moreover, they exhaust the CPU, which decreases the device’s efficiency. Try switching to static wallpapers to save the device’s resources and prevent lags in your phone’s performance. Using the same static photo for the lock screen and home screen may also help improve the efficiency.

Track Down Your Phone’s Battery

  • Apps that run in the background tend to use up the battery, thereby draining it faster than usual. If you notice these changes, head to Battery in the Settings and find the app that’s causing trouble. You can click on force stop to prevent the apps from running in the background.

Modern Android devices have an adaptive battery mode that automatically monitors this type of activity. But if you are using an older version of Android, you will have to regularly monitor s your phone’s battery usage from the settings.

Avoid Installing A Battery Optimizer

  • The battery fixer apps remove the apps that run in the background and keep your cache cleared. However, these battery optimizer apps are not as useful as they seem. They bring down your phone’s performance in the long run by allowing intrusive ads and malware into your device.

If you are dealing with consistent slowdowns and the apps on your phone take ages to load, it’s time to remove the unnecessary apps. It is also advisable to keep an eye on the background apps. You can clear the background apps individually to boost your phone’s performance.

Clear Extra Widgets

  • Using a lot of widgets can clog up your phone and affect its performance. Although widgets do not use many resources, they can hog up usage in the background. So if your phone is slower than usual, try removing extra widgets and see if it makes a difference in your phone’s speed.

tricks to speed up your phoneAnother way to extend your phone’s life is to keep the unused apps such as location services, Bluetooth, etc. off. It may not seem much, but every little step makes a difference. So keep your Bluetooth, radios, location services, data connections, and Wifi off when they are not in use.

Reset Your Phone To Factory Settings

  • If you have tried everything and your phone is still not working as smoothly as before, resetting your device is the only option. You can start over by heading to the Reset option in your phone’s Settings. Select Erase all data options to reset your phone to factory settings.

You can restore your data from the cloud by logging back in with your Google account. This would hopefully resolve the issue. However, if resetting your phone has not made any difference in your phone’s performance, it’s time to take it to the professionals or buy a new one.

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