Here are some tips to disinfect and clean your iPhone, especially during COVID

Most of us use our iPhones regularly throughout the day. All this exposure makes them a magnet for all kinds of bacteria, dirt, and germs that are carried through touching the phone. Hence, it is always a great idea to properly clean and disinfect your iPhone daily or at least once a week so that you can protect yourself from germs and bacteria especially during COVID times.

Periodically cleaning your iPhone is a good idea from both an appearance and a health point of view. And if you end up spilling something like coffee, water, or any kind of beverage on it you have to clean it as soon as possible to ensure that it keeps working properly.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you are looking to clean your iPhone. Different strategies need to be implemented for different models to ensure that it is cleaned properly and efficiently. With that being said, here are some effective techniques to properly clean your iPhone from model to model;

Proper Cleaning Technique

iPhone 11 and Above

  • All the models proceeding the iPhone 11 are equipped with glass that has advanced texture matte finishes. They also have a glass around the camera that matches this polished glass. This glass is slip-resistant, tough, and has the added bonus of feeling good in your hand during usage. The textured glass can however show signs of material exchange from objects the phone comes in contact with.

In order to properly clean your iPhone 11 and other newer models you can follow these basic guidelines;

  • Unplug all the cables and properly turn off your iPhone
  • Use a cloth that is soft, lint-free, and damp like a lens cloth to properly rub down your phone
  • If some material is still present soak your lens cloth in warm soapy water and properly clean your phone again
  • Avoid letting in moisture in openings like the charging port.
  • Avoid using compressed air or other cleaning products to clean your iPhone as this can have disastrous effects.
  • Using cleaning products or compressed air can diminish the protective coating that is present on your iPhone which can lead to scratches and other damage.

iPhone 7 to iPhone SE (2nd Generation)

  • It is critical that you clean your iPhone immediately if it comes in contact with any material that can cause stains or other structural damage over time.  To ensure that your iPhone is properly cleaned and is working as it should it is important that you follow these guidelines when you are in the process of cleaning it;
  • Properly unplug all the cables and then turn off your iPhone
  • Use a lint-free, soft, and slightly damp cloth like a lens cleaning cloth to thoroughly clean your iPhone.
  • Avoid getting any sort of moisture in the openings of your iPhone
  • Don’t use cleaning products as they can be detrimental to the protective coating that is present on your iPhone and can cause scratches and other damage.

Cleaning Dust from the Lightning Port

  • The display isn’t the only part of your iPhone that can get dirty. Dust and other particles can easily coagulate in the lightning port of your iPhone which can cause problems when you are charging your iPhone. In order to properly clean the lightning port on iPhone you can follow these easy guidelines;
  • Properly turn off your iPhone
  • With the help of a toothpick, carefully remove any lint or dust that is present in your lightning port.
  • Get a flashlight in order to get a clear view inside the port which can help is seeing what you are doing
  • Use toothpicks to also clean out the speaker grills and any other areas where dust is visible.

Disinfecting Techniques

  • Cell phones are some of the dirtiest accessories we carry because of the fact that they are not regularly cleaned by people. Due to this, germs and other bacteria build on their surfaces. These germs can be extremely detrimental to your health especially with the rise in COVID cases as well as other underlying issues like colds and flu that can be caused by these germs.

There are a lot of products available online that can be used to properly disinfect your phones and some of them are discussed below;

Microfiber Cloths

  • One of the simplest and easiest ways to clean up your iPhone is with the help of microfiber cloths. This cloth comes in handy in regularly cleaning your phones especially after someone else has touched or used them. You can carry around this cloth with you and use it to disinfect your phone regularly to protect your iPhone from germs that are all around you.

Rubbing Alcohol and Water

  • Microfiber cloths are only good for disinfecting your iPhone’s surface. If you are looking for a deep clean and disinfection it is a good idea to use rubbing alcohol and water. In order to clean your screen with it, you just lightly dampen one side of your cloth and gently apply it to your screen.

disinfect and clean your iPhoneDisinfectant Wipes

  • Rubbing alcohol always carries the risk of damaging your iPhone’s screen if it comes directly in contact with it. So if you want to use a safer and more secure method, you can always go with disinfectant wipes. You just have to properly rub down your phone with these wipes in order to make sure that it is properly disinfected and germ-free.

UV Phone Cleaner

  • If you are looking for a device that can be used to disinfect your iPhone then you can always go with a UV phone cleaner. This device uses UV rays to kill off any bacteria present on your phone. Various experiments conducted have shown that it can kill any bacteria with 99.9% accuracy. So, it is another great option for disinfecting your iPhone.

In the text above, we have discussed various methods and techniques that you can use to clean and disinfect your iPhones easily and at the comfort of your home. These techniques if performed carefully can ensure that your iPhone will stay clean and germ-free.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting your iPhone is a tricky job as you run the risk of seriously damaging your phone if you don’t do it properly. If you don’t want to carry out this task by yourself and would rather have a professional take of this for you then you can always contact Tricked Out Accessories.

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