Here are the top interesting and important features of iPhone 13

iPhone 13 has brought with it many amazing and new features that have been perceived positively by customers all around the globe. Take a look at the top 5 amazing features of the iPhone 13 here. Read more below. 

Notifications Scheduling

  • We’ve all experienced a scenario when our phone is buzzing and ringing because of several notifications, and we’ve thought about turning it off just to get away from them all. The all new iPhone 13 comes with notification scheduling, which basically helps you to delay notifications that aren’t important. You can view these delayed notifications at a later time when you have the time to do so.

To set up scheduling for notifications, simply go to settings and then click on notifications. Now click on Scheduled Summary and switch it on. If you’re setting this up for the first time, you’ll get a list of apps to select as well as a time that you’d want their notifications to be displayed. A total of 12 notification summaries can be set up according to your time of choosing. 

IP Address Masking

  • The new iPhone 13 comes with a lot of privacy and security features that aim to protect you from cyber security threats. There have been reports of physical mobile phone accessories being made available for security purposes, but having such features within the mobile phones software are a huge convenience. IP address masking helps prevent websites from tracking your activity online.

The IP masking feature is available on the Safari browser in the iPhone. Simply go to settings, then safari, and scroll down. Then click on Hide My IP Address, click on Trackers and Websites.  

Safari With A Background Image

  • The new iPhone 13 allows users to add an element of personalization to their Safari browsers. In addition to customizing the start page, users can now add a background image as well. 

Simply launch Safari, open up a new tab, scroll down and tap on edit. Now toggle the Background Image on. You’re given two options; either to select an image from the preset library, or use your own image from the Photo Library.

Drag & Drop Between Apps

  • features of iphone 13The drag and drop feature between the apps was introduced in the iPad in 2017, however, it was a much-anticipated feature for the iPhone. Apple finally released it for the iPhone 13, and it is a very useful feature for many people. The drag and drop feature works seamlessly and feels intuitive.

To use this feature, simply hold down the text until it changes to a light blue color. While holding the text down with one finger, switch apps using the finger from your other hand. Now you can paste the floating text into the text field of the second app. Voila! You have successfully dragged and dropped between two different apps. You need to be careful when using this feature as if your phone slips from your hands you will require the services of a professional phone repair company. 

Spotlight Search From The Lockscreen 

  • If you’ve ever wanted to search for something on your phone, or on the internet then you’ve probably already used spotlight. But to use the spotlight search, you’ve had to unlock your phone. With the new iPhone 13, you can do a spotlight search without unlocking your phone.

On the lockscreen, simply swipe down and as soon as the search bar shows up you can start typing. It will begin displaying the search results, and even details without asking you to unlock your iPhone. 

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