Here is a list of 5 amazing iPhone accessories of 2022

New phone models are released every year along with the abundance of exciting phone accessories. Thanks to that there is now an endless variety of iPhone accessories that you can choose from. To help you add a wow factor to your iPhone we have listed 5 must-have iPhone accessories of 2022.

The Magsafe Car Phone Mount

  • A phone mount usually has a clip that attaches to the car vent. This helps keep the phone fixed in the same position while you’re driving. It becomes more convenient if your iPhone is MagSafe compatible. Because of the magnetic design of this gadget, you can place your MagSafe compatible iPhone over the charging pad and it stays secured in its place while you drive.

MagSafe car phone mount can also work with MagSafe phone cases. This phone mount can be used in portrait and landscape mode with ease and convenience. The cable management system of the car phone mount allows you to keep your cable in an optimal charging position.

GripTight Tripod Stand

  • iPhone’s impressive camera technology has inspired us to promote ourselves from amateur to professional photographers. A tripod stand can further brush up your photography skills. This versatile tripod stand holds your phone in place while you take pictures. This had made taking group shots a lot easier and faster.

The tripod stand is ideal for vloggers and content creators since it allows the legs to be used as a handle for a selfie stick. The bendy legs can be wrapped around and the phone can be hung in any position. This device can work with a wide range of smartphones.

3-Card Phone Case

  • After using for a while phone cases become dull and damaged. It’s always nice to jazz up your iPhone with a new phone case now and again. This 3-card phone case has a bold design that is both useful and stylish. It has space for three cards and has a magnetic closure system that keeps everything securely in place.

The subtle design of this 3 card phone case makes it a must-have iPhone accessory in 2022. Rather than functioning as a bulky wallet attached to the back of your phone, it keeps your valuables accessible but hidden and safe. There is also a little slot for a sim that allows you to keep an extra sim card that can come in handy for frequent travelers.

UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Charger

  • iPhone accessories of 2022We touch our phones countless times a day. Considering the ongoing pandemic with no end in sight, this smartphone sanitizer is what you need. Regularly sanitizing phones is as important as sanitizing hands since we often touch our phones with dirty hands.

The Pro UV Smartphone Sanitizer makes this task facile. This device not only cleanses your phone of bacteria and grime but charges it simultaneously through its wireless charging functionality.

Apple AirPods Max

  • Apple’s AirPods max is another must-have accessory for your iPhone. The setup process and pairing of the AirPods to your iPhone are effortless. Moreover, it has a spatial audio feature that takes movie watching to another level. It is therefore an ideal iPhone companion for those who love to watch movies.

They have a classic design with a memory foam ear cushion that provides support to the ears. The knit mesh canopy and noise-canceling feature make them comfortable to wear even for long periods. If you want to block everything out just pop on the transparency mode and tune into your surroundings.

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