Here is part two of the differences between android and iOS

When you purchase a smartphone, it either runs on Android or the iOS operating system. Almost all the new smartphones are operated on one of the two operating systems. Other operating systems account for less than 0.1 % of sales. Android and iOS smartphones are dominating the market because of their excellent features and apps that take over all the other operating systems. Although the two operating systems have some attributes in common they offer the users quite different experiences. We have discussed key differences between iOS and Android so you can choose the platform that’s best for you.


  • Apple takes things to a whole new level not only in terms of its sleek design but also the price. The lowest-priced iPhone sells at $400. Android is not far behind. It has a wide variety of smartphones that gives you the option to choose from low to high-priced phones. The android operating system runs equally well in both low-end and high-end smartphones. Android also offers free apps which makes it budget-friendly and an easy choice for users who like to spend carefully.

On the flip side iOS as an operating system has no match but affordability has always been the subject of issue. Apple can’t beat the great range of affordable smartphones that android offers. With Android, users can always find a phone whether they want to spend $1oo or $2000.


  • Some users find android’s interface more intricate than iOS. But users can find features that are accessible in both. Android-based smartphones are great for the elderly who have a low grasp of technology. Android manufactures have included options like easy-mode. Which further facilitates the user experience by simplifying the interface. There are also apps in an android phone that can do this for the users if the built-in easy mode is not present in the smartphone.

iOs is also simple to use and provides an invariable experience on all devices. Whereas, android’s accessibility varies on different devices. iOS is more orderly and less cluttered.


  • Android offers a lot of calling and messaging apps that keep retiring and the new ones pop up. In addition to Google’s inherent dialer and message apps, most of the smartphones come with their apps. This could get confusing and it makes the experience unpleasant for users.

iOS comes with pre-installed Facetime and iMessage features that make it quite simple to connect with people. There are also fun details such as GIFs and stickers in iMessage.


  • major difference between android and iosIn old days Apple phones were matchless with regards to their high capturing ability. Lights, colors, and certain other details were exceptional. But the latest android versions have come with excellent cameras and variance. As the price range varies in android so does the camera quality. The higher the price the better the camera. But the quality photos taken from a mid-range android phone are not a competition to iPhone’s camera.

The iOS camera apps give the best results and high-quality images without tweaking. However, more camera apps are being added to android with added features and variations.

Open and Closed Systems

  • The iOS’s systems have always remained exclusive. There are certain apps and features that Apple users can’t access such as buying an e-book from Kindle and many more.

Android is relatively open source and allows alternative applications to be used. For the users who favor open systems over closed ones, Apple is not the best choice.

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