Learn the basics of liquid glass from cell phone repair experts near you

In the last year, a new craze has come up in the phone protection industry—liquid glass. Sounds crazy, right? Well, as it turns out, liquid glass may be the type of protection you are looking for on your phone. But how does liquid glass work? And is it the right choice for your phone?

How Does Liquid Glass Work?

  • To understand how liquid glass works, we need to first understand how glass in general works, and what causes glass to shatter. Cracks always start and spread from an existing flaw in the glass, usually on the surface. While glass seems smooth on the surface, if you put it under a microscope, it’ll look more like this:
glass under microscope
Now that the way that glass breaks has been established, we must consider how to best prevent a break from occurring. In this regard, there are two methods that are commonly used to protect glass. The first glass-strengthening method would involve extra compression, where a user adds a compressed layer of glass to make it harder for an existing flaw to split apart and form a crack, breaking your phone. The most common form of compression strengthening comes from tempered glass, which is what phone manufacturers use to make strong and crack-resistant screens. we at Tricked Out Accessories tempered glass shields, which add an extra layer of strengthened glass on top of your screen. This makes it so that, when your phone hits the ground, the tempered glass absorbs the energy instead of your (much more expensive) phone screen.
The other method, however, is to eliminate those flaws that become starting points for cracks. This is where liquid glass comes in. Liquid glass essentially goes over a phone screen, and it fills in all of those microscopic pores and imperfections on the surface. After falling into place, the liquid glass hardens and bonds with the surface of the glass, giving the phone a smooth finish (even under a microscope.) This adds up to six times the protection against cracks and scratches on your phone screen, without even having to add an extra piece of glass on it.
what is liquid glass

Is Liquid Glass Right For My Phone?

Now that you understand how glass and liquid glass work, you must ask yourself—is liquid glass right for me?
If you’re trying to find the best possible protection for your entire phone, then obviously the best way to do so would be to add both liquid glass and a tempered glass screen protector on your phone. This solution offers increased strength for your phone screen, as well as an extra layer of protection on top.
However, if you must choose one, then you must ask yourself what your priorities are. If you want to preserve the look and feel of a “naked” phone, while still reducing the likelihood of scratching or cracking your display, liquid glass is the way to go. It will make your screen up to six times stronger, but it’s only 100 nanometers thick, so it’s completely invisible to the naked eye. But keep in mind that even ultra-strengthened glass is not indestructible, so it’s still possible for it to crack if subjected to enough force. That’s why we include coverage for $100 toward a screen replacement with our standard liquid glass plan, and options available for up to $1,000 of coverage! If you are somebody that drops your phone a lot (or possibly throws your phone a lot,) then you’ll need something with even more protection against drops. Tempered glass is your best protection because it takes away the impact of a fall or throw, so that it will shatter instead of your original phone screen.
Regardless of what choice you end up making, Tricked Out Accessories is here to help you. We have a large stock of both tempered glass and liquid glass options to protect your phone screen, as well as coverage options to make sure that, if your phone breaks, we will be able to fix it for you. Come by today!
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