Read below to find the top reasons why your phone battery is dying fast

It’s beyond frustrating when the phone’s battery dies in half the time after charging it for hours. There are several factors responsible for depleting your smartphone’s battery. Recognizing and taking control of these factors can make the battery last longer. Here are some reasons why the battery might be draining fast.

High Display Brightness

  • Having the phone on maximum brightness may seem convenient especially when you are outside but it has a huge impact on the battery. Low screen brightness can allow you to save the battery for a bit longer. However, a dimmer screen may not be agreeable in areas of high light exposure and for people with impaired eyesight.

Switch To Dark Mode

  • Instead of lowering the screen’s brightness, the phone and frequently used apps can be switched to dark mode. This changes the standard white menu and app background to black without darkening the screen. This is the best way to save battery without compromising the screen’s brightness.

Exposure To Extreme Temperatures

  • Whether you are outside the house or inside, avoid exposing the phone to extreme temperatures. Very hot or cold environments not only drain the battery faster but also reduce its lifespan. Exposure to extreme temperatures can cause the phone to overheat and explode, thereby putting your life at stake.

Another factor that may be responsible for draining the battery is a constant search for service. When the phone is constantly searching for a signal it is doing so by using energy in the form of a battery.

Keeping Wi-Fi and Data Activated

  • Wi-Fi technology has made it so much easier to stay connected with friends and family at all hours. However, keeping the Wi-Fi or data activated throughout the day can significantly drain the battery. This happens because users are receiving constant notifications and updates even when they don’t necessarily need them.

Switching off the Wi-Fi and mobile data during sleep hours is a great way to spare your battery. This can be done by going into Wi-Fi and Mobile Data settings and deactivating both. Another alternative is to simply switch the phone to Airplane Mode if you are not worried about missing an urgent call.

Older Battery

  • phone battery is dying fastSometimes it’s not the apps and features that affect the battery, but the battery itself is the cause of the problem. As years go by, the phone’s battery does not remain as good as it once was. After a few years, the battery fails to achieve its optimal capacity. This can lead to quicker battery drains. An easy way to resolve this issue is battery replacement.

This is a cheaper way to fix battery drains. Because replacing the smartphone will cost you a lot more than replacing the battery. Battery prices vary depending on your smartphone’s model. In some instances, replacing the phone may be a more convenient option.

Location Tracking Apps

  • There are a whole lot of apps that can track location including Google Maps, retail apps, and more. These apps do not solely track the location, they are constantly utilizing your battery. The easiest way to avoid this is by turning off the phone’s location. This can be done by going into the location settings of the phone.

However, if you do not want to turn off all the location tracking apps, you can also disable the apps individually in the settings. This will give you total control over the apps while reducing battery drainage.

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