Here are some tips on ‘how to use your phone in an eco-friendly way?’

Two decades ago, cellphones were an uncommon luxury that only people with considerable wealth could afford. Today, it seems that almost all echelons of the societal hierarchy own cellphones and sometimes more than one. This has resulted in increased connectivity and faster knowledge sharing which has benefited everyone.

On the downside, mass production of phones due to increased demand and reckless use of cellphones comes with a significant ecological footprint. Damaging practices adopted by telecommunication companies such as improper disposal of waste, discharge of greenhouse gas emissions and wasteful use of resources have resulted in considerable damage to the environment. Along with that, the users are not conscious of their environmental duty and often use their cellphones that have a negative impact on the environment.

In this article, we will explore the different ways through which we can make our phone use more eco-friendly and greener.

Use Natural Means to Recharge Your Phone

  • A greater percentage of electricity is produced by the burning of fossil fuels which results in the production of carbon dioxide. It contributes to global warming. There are other greener and natural sources of power that have minimal to no ecological footprint. One of these sources is solar power. You can do your bit for the environment by getting a portable solar charger for your phone. It does not cost a lot and offers you the convenience of charging your phone while being on the go due to its mobility.

Not just that, you can recharge your phone through your body’s energy as well. A hand-crank phone charger uses the kinetic energy produced by a hand’s motion and converts it into electric energy to recharge a phone. Using this mode of charging does not only make it environment-friendly but also helps you burn calories.

Purchase Low-Energy Chargers

  • Go for chargers that have a five-star energy rating. They are more eco-friendly because they consume less electricity while charging your phone, albeit they will take more time to recharge it. Using a low-energy charger will not only cut down the emissions but will also help you save money on your electricity bill. Chargers that take less than 30 mW are more energy efficient.

phone in an eco-friendly way

Recharge Your Phone When on The Move

Charging your phone while traveling in a car is more environment-friendly compared to charging it through a socket. The reason is that charging your phone in a car draws power from a utility that is already being used and no extra power is expanded to charge the phone.

  • Another more optimal way is to charge your phone when cycling. Place a dynamo charger on your bicycle. It converts the kinetic energy produced as a result of cycling to electric energy and charges the phone through the latter.

Reduce Your Use of the Phone

One of the best things you can do for the environment is to reduce your usage of the phone. A report published by The Guardian stated that the average person emits 47kg of carbon dioxide in a year due to excessive usage of his phone. Based on these numbers, one phone produces 97 kg of carbon during its lifetime.

  • Reducing the usage of the phone will extend its lifetime and will reduce your screen time which is beneficial for both mental and physical health as well.

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