Here are some tips to prevent a phone from water damage

There are hundreds of ways a phone can come in contact with water or any other liquid. When that happens the phone will succumb to water damage in no time. Especially if you don’t know how to save it. Modern mobile phones come with a waterproofing feature. New iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy, and some of the Google Pixel phones are all water-resistant to some degree. Ingress protection scale measures the degree of water-resistance of a mobile phone. The greater the IP number like IP67 or IP68 the greater will be the water resistance. However, if your phone is not waterproof and it happens to drop in the water here is what you should do.

Remove The Battery

  • If in an unfavorable situation your phone ends up drenched, resist the urge to turn it on to see if it is still working. Doing so will shorten the circuits out before you can even attempt to fix it. If the battery is removable, remove it quickly and wipe it down. Power off the phone if it’s still on.

Take out the sim card just to be on the safe side in case phoned can’t be saved your important data will be retained. Gently pat your phone dry with a paper towel. Now dry your phone by trying one of the following methods.

Place It In The Sun

  • Sunlight is useful in soaking up the moisture if the phone was not in the water for too long. If it’s a hot sunny day, place your phone in the direct sunlight after gently wiping up all the moisture. Remove the battery if you can.

The phone should be kept on a dry towel rather than bare ground to avoid further damage. However, the sensitive parts of the phone can overheat if left in the sun for long. So do not keep it in the sun for longer than 20 minutes.

Use Silica Packetsprevent a phone from water damage

  • The little packets of silica often found in a medicine bottle or a shoebox can work wonders by absorbing all the moisture from your wet device. They can be bought from the store and kept ready in case of an unfortunate event. So gather the silica packets depending on the size of the phone. You’ll need from 8 to 10 small silica packets on average.

Place your phone including the battery in a bag full of silica or silica packets. Don’t close the bag and leave it at room temperature for 12-72 hours. Once the signs of moisture are gone turn your phone on. If it doesn’t work, place it back in the silica bag for another 5 hours.

Bag Of Uncooked Rice

  • Gather rice in a bowl or a plastic bag. Submerge the phone in the uncooked rice. Rice work by absorbing all the moisture thereby preventing your phone from water damage. Depending on how drenched your phone is, it might take from 12 hours to a whole day before you can power it on.

Turn the phone over after every hour, this helps speed up the drying process. After 12 hours if you don’t see any signs of moisture, it is now safe to turn on the phone.

Freeze Your Phone

As surprising as it sounds, freezing your phone can prevent it from water damage. This method is faster than the above methods but it’s not permanent. Moisture can be temporarily locked in the phone by freezing it but you’ll need to quickly find a safe method to fix the damage.

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