Here are 5 hacks to prevent iPhone cable from breaking

The majority of iPhone users complain about their iPhone cables breaking too quickly and easily. We have compiled a list of solutions, so you can make sure your iPhone cable lasts longer. Read about them below:

Use A Pen Spring

  • This is one of the least aesthetic solutions, but it definitely works well. All you need are some old pens that have a small spring inside. Take out the springs from those pens.

Wrap the springs around the ends of your iPhone cable. Make sure to include the thick part as well. The thick part will make sure the spring stays locked in place. After you have completed the winding of the spring, your iPhone cable is ready for use. The springs will make sure they are not bent beyond a certain point. This will make sure your iPhone cable lasts a lot longer than before.

Use Paracord Bracelets

  • Paracord bracelets were very popular a few years ago. In addition to being a fashion statement, they were a must-have outdoor survival and emergency accessory. Their applications were limitless and every outdoor adventurer used to wear one to tackle an unforeseen situation.

Simply take your paracord bracelet and separate the cord into two pieces. Then melt the ends of the cord with a lighter, to prevent it from fraying. Take your iPhone cable and start wrapping the paracord around both its ends. You can use the cobra knot technique to make sure the paracord locks itself in place.

  • Your iPhone cable is now safe from damage and its lifespan has been increased by a great deal. Paracord bracelets come in different colors and designs, therefore you get the option to customize your iPhone cable according to your style.

Wrap The Cable With Electrical Tape

  • It is difficult to imagine a house that does not have an electrical tape. It has a very strong adhesive property as well as a smooth and shiny surface. It is most loved by electricians as a sure-shot way of tying electrical wires without worrying about damage or breakage.

Electrical tapes are a quick and easy fix to make your iPhone cable last longer. Simply wrap the tape tightly at both ends of the iPhone cable. Electrical tapes come in a variety of colors. Thus, you can mix and match to create a design that best meets your taste.

Use Electrical Heat Shrinking Tubing

  • prevent iphone cable from breaking

    An electrical heat shrinking tube is a cheap and common item that is available widely across all hardware stores. It is easier to use than the other solutions mentioned above and prolongs the life of your iPhone cable the longest.

Simply pass your iPhone cable through the tube. Next, use a hairdryer to cause the tube to shrink. It will automatically fit your iPhone cable. Electrical heat shrinking tubes come in different color options, so your iPhone cable will not look ugly and you can customize it to create a new design.

Pay Attention To How You Use The iPhone Cable

  • Whatever solution that you use to prolong the lifespan of your iPhone cable, it is equally important to make sure that you are using your iPhone cable with utmost care. Gently plug them in and pull them out of your phone. If you are traveling, make sure you don’t tie them into a tight knot as it will damage the internal wires.

If you are using your phone while it is charging, make sure you don’t exert unnecessary force on the cable. Use an extension cord if the wall socket is away from you.

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