Learn valuable tips to prevent iPhone screen from cracking – learn how to get it repaired as well

A phone’s screen is one of its most important features. Many manufacturers are producing bezel-less screens these days so that the screen can occupy maximum space. Such large screens are sometimes difficult to handle and the phone can slip out of the hands of the user. And as we all know, screens are fragile; once they fall and hit the ground, there is a good chance they’ll crack.

iPhone screens are particularly delicate and cannot sustain a fall even from a 5 feet table. Cracked screens cause much hassle and getting the screens fixed can cost you a lot. Hence it is important to learn some important tips to prevent the screen from cracking in the first place. So let’s take a look. 

Add A Bumper Screen to Your Phone

  • Bumper screens add a tough layer of protection and cushioning to iPhones. If the iPhone falls, they absorb most of the shock and prevent the screen from cracking. Bumper screens are available for all phone models. They will not damage the aesthetic value of your phones as they are now available in chic designs and colors. 

Always opt for a bumper screen that has a sturdy build and quality and can take up the shock of the fall. Good quality bumper screens come with heavy-duty ridges that get placed on the edges of the phone once the bumper case is installed.  Sturdy bumper covers are heavy and can add a few ounces to your phone so be prepared for that. 

Use Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

  • Tempered glass screen protectors will fit on your iPhone’s screen perfectly and will offer much protection if your phone falls in such a way that the screen hits the floor. Tempered glass protectors offer greater protection compared to plastic screen protectors. Plastic protectors offer protection from minor scratches which can occur when using the phone. Whereas, tempered glass protectors offer protection from scratches as well as from falls from heights. 

These protectors are now available for phones with curved screens as well. They fit in perfectly on top of the phone’s screen and are completely transparent. They will neither disturb the usability of the phone nor mar the aesthetics of the display. 

Add A Pop Socket to Your Phone

  • A pop socket is a small and round plastic gadget that is attached to the back of one’s phone. They come with a circular base, a protruding stem, and a stylish disc on top. Pop sockets come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They not only make your phone look cool and stylish but also allow you to hold your phone tightly, therefore reducing the chances of an accidental slip. 

The users hold the pop socket either through the stem or the disc. This allows a firmer grip on the phone and accidental slips of the phone are avoided. Hence the phone’s screen is saved from cracking. Pop sockets are particularly useful if you wish to take a selfie or perform other tasks with one hand only. It offers great support while texting. 

Many celebrities are spotted with phones that have pop sockets attached to them. They make quite a style statement now.

prevent iphone screen from cracking 

Where To Get Your iPhone Screen Repaired From?

  • Following these practical tips will save your phone’s screen from cracking. However, if it does crack, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. Tricked Out Accessories provides services for instant phone repair.

They have a presence in 22 locations across the USA and they can fix your phone in 1 hour only. Tricked Out Accessories offer the best quality mobile phone accessories and professional mobile phone repair services. 

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