Here are some iPhone secret settings that you probably didn’t know existed

Did you know that your iPhone is packed with amazing secret features and settings? We have compiled a list of a few of these features that will help you use your iPhone to its maximum potential. Read about them below. 

Priority Downloads

  • This feature allows you to tell your iPhone which download it should complete first, which it should complete later. This feature is most useful when you are setting up your iPhone for the first time and downloading a lot of apps. 

Simple 3D press the app icon on your home screen and select ‘Prioritize Download’. This will move it to the front of the download queue and it will be ready for use quickly. 

Notifications At A Glance

  • Sometimes you want to look at your notifications without unlocking your iPhone. This is where this feature comes in handy. 

To enable this feature, go to Settings, and then click on Display & Brightness. From there you can enable ‘Raise to Wake’. Now every time you lift your iPhone, the screen will slightly light up and display the new notifications. 

Adjust Flashlight Brightness

  • An iPhone’s camera flash also works as a flashlight, and you have the option to control its brightness. 

Simply bring up the Control Center from the bottom of the screen and do a 3D press on the flashlight’s icon. This will give you the settings to control the flashlight’s brightness. This will also help you to extend the iPhone’s battery life.

Scan QR Codes Automatically

  • QR codes are being used globally by everyone as an easier way to redirect users to apps and websites. Go to your Camera settings and enable ‘Scan QR Codes’. Now every time your camera sees a QR code, it will scan it automatically. 

Free Up Storage By Deleting Unused Apps

  • super iphone secret settingsApple has introduced a new setting that allows users to see the unused apps in their iPhones. Deleting these apps can help you free up storage on your iPhone. 

Simply navigate to Settings, and then click on General. Click on iPhone Storage and enable ‘Offload Unused Apps’. It will automatically uninstall apps that you haven’t used in a very long time. Now you won’t have to take your iPhone to a phone repair company to help you free up storage space. 

Jump To A Camera Mode

  • Quite often, you lose the opportunity to capture a picturesque scene just because you spent too much time scrolling through the camera modes. If you 3D press the camera icon, you will see shortcuts that will directly take you to the camera mode of your choice. 

Block Online Web Tracking

  • While you are browsing the internet, many websites track your online activity through the use of embedded advertisements and cookies. If you are using the latest Safari browser on iOS 11, you can block this tracking and keep your privacy secure. 

Simply go to Settings, tap on Safari, and enable ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’. This will help you keep your online activity private. 

Emoji Search Keyboard

  • Emojis are a fun way to express our emotions and feelings when we feel that words aren’t enough. An iPhone has a thousand emojis and it can feel a daunting task to scroll through them all to find a perfect fit. Apple introduced a new way to insert emojis into your messages. 

Simply type a message and then click on the emoji icon on the keyboard. All the words that can be replaced by emojis will become orange. Tap on the word and it will reveal a choice of emojis that you can replace with that word. 

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