Here is a comparison of iPhone and Android, and why iPhones are better?

On April 1 of this year, Apple celebrated its 45th birthday. The tech giant has been around for a considerable length of time, certainly more than the Chinese companies that surfaced in the second decade of the 21st century. Apple launched its flagship smartphone i.e. iPhone in 2007. It operates on the iOS operating system which is significantly different from the Android OS. Ever since its launch, there has been much debate about which is the better phone – iPhone or Android?

Both phones have fanboys who believe that their choice of the product beats the other. The truth is that over the years iPhones have proven to be the ultimate premium phones and they have been ruling over most Android phones. Why? Let’s find out.

Easiest Gadget to Use

  • The iPhone is pretty simple to use. The look and feel of the iOS have remained the same over the years which means that iPhone users don’t have to learn new specifications with every new launch of the phone. Using it is as simple as picking it up, turning it on, touching the app and it will pop open.

Despite keeping the iOS pretty much the same, Apple has come up with new enhancements such as Siri and Control Center which were missing from the earlier versions. iOS 11 comes with the unique features of editing Live Photos, sending payments through the Message app, and putting files in a sequence using the Files app.

Hardware and Software are in Synchronization

  • The enhanced integration of hardware and software enables the iPhone to pull off certain difficult features without any technical glitches. One such example is that of its Face ID feature. This feature uses a TrueDepth sensor to come up with a 3D scan of the user’s face. This feature acts as an added security measure for iPhone owners. A few other companies have tried to copy the Face ID feature but to no avail.

Another example of fantastic software and hardware integration is the Animoji and Memoji apps. These apps mimic your facial expressions and turn them into memes and emojis. Samsung has also come up with an AR Emoji app, but it stands nowhere close to the accuracy and quality of the iPhone’s Animoji and Memoji apps.

  • Animoji and Memoji are other examples of Apple hardware and software working seamlessly together. Samsung’s equivalent, AR Emoji, seems like a half-baked effort by comparison.

why iphones are better

iPhones are Equipped with The Best Apps

Both iOS and Android come equipped with millions of apps in their respective stores. Yet iPhones take a visible leader in the quality and quantity of apps its App Store is equipped with. The reason is that most developers prefer iOS for launching their hottest new apps. Hence, the iPhone will always be a step ahead of Android when it comes to gaining faster access to the best apps.

  • The newest and hottest apps such as Fortnite got featured on iOS first. After gaining much popularity among iPhone users, it was launched on the Play Store. Fortnite remained exclusive to Samsung phones for quite some while. Hence, not all android users could take advantage of it. Similarly, Super Mario Run, HQ Trivia, Monument Valley 2, Affinity Photo, and Snapchat were launched on the Google Play Store months after being available on the App Store.

Hence, being an iPhone user gives you exclusive access to the coolest trendiest apps way before your Android buddies.

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