Here is a list of bad phone habits that are destroying your phone

Owning a phone in the modern era is an expensive business. Still, about 95% of Americans own a cell phone. 77% of these have a smartphone. Smartphones have a comparatively short life span of fewer than 5 years. It can even become shorter if the phone is not kept in the best condition. On average people spend 3 hours of the day using apps, browsing, and chatting. Despite spending so much time on the phone, users have no idea about the practices that are knocking down their phones. So, we have listed a few of the habits that are destroying your phone.

Buying Cheap Cables

  • One of the worst things users do is use cheap cables for their smartphones. Off-brand and poor-quality charging cables can cause permanent damage to the phone. There is a risk of fire, electrocution, and other serious damages to the phone. Once you have bought high-quality cables, keep them carefully. Otherwise, there is no use in buying expensive cables if they are to be treated poorly.

Wrapping the cables tightly can break the inner wires which in itself is a fire risk. Yanking the cable from the socket can increase the risk of a short circuit, especially if the wires inside the cables are worn out.  Remove the cable gently from the plug. Treat your phone accessories with care for longer service life.

Don’t Let The Battery Deplete

  • Battery breakdowns are inevitable, but poor practices can speed up this process and degrade the battery sooner. Don’t let it go down below 30 % quite often. Charge it before the battery runs down to zero and it will keep healthy and lasts longer. While charging the phone before it dies is a good idea, keeping it plugged in after it has charged to 100% is not wise either.

A tech company states that charging the phone after it hits 100% won’t retain the battery for longer. Rather, this habit can alleviate the efficiency and life of the battery. Doing this can also cause some lithium-ion batteries to heat up which can mitigate their charging potential.

Cleaning Your Phone The Wrong Way

  • bad phone habitsA study conducted on a high schooler’s phone reveals that there were 17032 copies of bacterial genes on the phone. That is where people can get deadly infections. So keeping the phone clean is necessary and healthful. But substandard methods of cleaning the phone can cause potential damages.

If you are cleaning the phone with a wet paper towel, there is always the risk of water damage. Water can get into the speaker or other jacks and can kneecap the health of your phone. Apply rubbing alcohol to dampen a cotton pad and use it to clean the phone. This can kill bacteria while eliminating the risk of water damage.

Exposure To Extreme Temperatures

  • Most phones have a specific temperature range that keeps them working in the optimum state. Sudden drops below or above these narrow boundaries of temperatures can have unfavorable effects. Using the phone in extreme heat can lead to 25 to 35 % of battery life per year.

Walking Around With The Phone In Pocket

  • Another way of ruining the phone is keeping it in your pants pocket. Some fragile models may bend in the user’s pocket. The heat from the body can drain the battery faster as the body gives off about 98 degrees Fahrenheit heat. While the smartphone batteries operate best at 62 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

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