Here are 5 quick and easy ways to protect your phone from damage

Nowadays one can hardly imagine life without a cell phone. It happens quite often that gadgets start to act up just half a year after buying them. It is frustrating but let’s face it, we don’t always handle our devices properly. The latest smartphones require more protection because of their sleek design. Rather than breaking and damaging your phone and paying high expenses on repair, follow these essential tips to prevent your phone from external and internal damage.

Prevent Battery Drains

  • Every phone has a certain number of charge cycles. The gadget is charged to 100% and then it runs down to zero. If a zero charge is seen on the screen once or twice that’s okay, but if it happens regularly there’s a risk of battery damage. Charge the smartphone before its battery drains out completely. When the battery is allowed to run empty every day, it’ll last for no more than 400 to 500 days.

Don’t turn the phone off if its battery is almost empty. Instead of conserving some energy, it’ll run the battery down completely. The whole process of turning the device on and off uses way more power than just switching on airplane mode. Plug the charger, let it charge for a while, and then turn it off if needed. It’s the simplest way to conserve battery.

Use Original Chargers

  • protect your phone from damage Don’t use cheap or non-original chargers. Even if it doesn’t do anything bad to the device, the charging won’t be stable and fast. Cheap charger cables are made with a small gauge wire that breaks much more easily than the manufacturer-approved ones.

Clean your phone’s charging port and the charging cable regularly. During usage loads of grime and dust gathers on the charging pins. This results in slow charging and a poorer connection. If used carefully, a wooden toothpick will effectively remove dirt from the charging port. To clean the cable pins a damp Q-tip can be used.

Avoid Dropping Your Phone

  • Avoid dropping the smartphone even if it is placed in a protective case. Other than the dented corner or cracks on the screen, the fall may also cause some internal damage to the phone.

Use a screen protector, even if it looks like a useless piece of fragile glass. A protector can keep the screen safe from cracking. After all, it’s an additional layer of defense that will make a difference if the device falls on a hard floor or pavement.

Restart Your Phone

  • Turn the phone off at least once a week and let the device rest for several minutes before switching it back on. It helps the phone work faster, prolongs the battery life, and empties all the unnecessary stuff from the memory. It also prevents unexpected crashes.

Usually, when an app is closed it doesn’t really get closed. It remains in an in-between state so that it can restart faster next time. But this consumes the phone’s memory and the battery. Restarting the smartphone once a week can solve this problem.

Avoid Contact With Water

  • While cleaning, don’t use a spray bottle to spritz the phone directly. Most smartphones aren’t waterproof. If a couple of tiny water droplets get inside, the device could be doomed. Even if it doesn’t shut down completely, some open parts like the microphone may stop functioning. Always use a microfiber lint-free cloth to clean your phone.

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