Here is the list of some of the most environment-friendly phones of 2021

Cell phones are built by utilizing metals like copper, cadmium, iron, lead, nickel, zinc, and gold. Metals are used in making cell phone frames, batteries, microphones, and other structures. Mining these metals requires energy and other resources. These energy-intensive processes cause multiple environmental concerns. Here are the 8 most environmentally-friendly phones.

Fairphone 3

  • Fairphone is a mobile phone manufacturing company that claims to create the most environmentally-friendly phones in the world. Their eco-friendly practices include responsible material sourcing, advocating for workers’ welfare, producing long-lasting products, and reducing waste.

The brand uses recycled materials to create a smartphone. With a 5.65-inch Full HD+ display, a repairable modular design, and the same rear sensor as Google’s Pixel 3a, the Fairphone 3 is the device for the future.

Moto E6

  • Moto E6 is another eco-friendly yet inexpensive smartphone. It has an IPS display of 5.45 inches with 2GB RAM and a 4000mAh battery. The important feature about this phone that makes it eco-friendly is that this is a repairable phone.

If anytime the phone malfunctions, parts can be bought and replaced thereby decreasing the environmental implications.

Sony Xperia Z-Series

  • Sony Xperia is an underrated high-end cell phone brand. The cell phones that belong, especially to the Z-series, are eco-friendly. The company aims to produce 100% environmentally friendly cell phones in the future.

They use recyclable materials to build most of their phones. Less toxic materials are used in building the phone wiring, frames, speakers, and other such structures, making it an environmentally friendly device.

Teracube 2e

  • When it comes to the most sustainable cell phones, the Teracube 2e is worth mentioning. With a 6.1 inch HD display and 8MP camera, it offers three years of Android security updates. It also comes with a four-year warranty with free shipping for repairs.

Specs of the phone may not be the best, but if sustainability holds value for you then this phone is the best choice. Teracube 2e has a biodegradable case and its packaging is made with soy ink and recycled material.

Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate

  • Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate is an eco-friendly model and it’s constructed out of 80% recycled materials. Its body is made of recycled plastic. The handset is pretty solid and has a good grip.

It may not be a high-end phone but it is a decent-looking, sustainable and eco-friendly handset. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly phone, this device is fair to all in the manufacturing process and the environment.

Microsoft Lumia 550

  • environment-friendly phonesWith classic styling and environmentally friendly features, Microsoft Lumia 550 might just suit your needs. It is a compact-looking phone that employs no nickel or plastic in its structure. It is quite an affordable smartphone with a 4.7 inch HD display and Quad-core processor. It has a removable battery and emits a minimal amount of radiation.

iPhone 6 Plus

  • Apple believes in environmental sustainability and launches eco-friendly products. Apple creates energy-efficient and material-efficient smartphones. If you want to buy an environmentally friendly phone from a well-renowned brand, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 7, and others in the X series are a smart choice.

Delta V

  • Delta V is the first cell phone that is based on an energy-independent concept. It doesn’t require charging and relies on solar power and other eco-friendly technologies for charging. There are nanogenerators used in its creation which convert every little movement and vibration into energy. Thus, eliminating the need for a charger.

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