DIY fix a smartphone charging port in simple ways

It happens quite often that the phone doesn’t start charging immediately after plugging in. You have to wiggle in a charging cable to make it charge. If the phone does not charge properly it could be an issue with the battery or with the charging port. This article provides some important tips to pinpoint and fix the issues with smart phone’s charging port.

Clean The Charging Port

  • People carry their phones with them typically in their pockets or purses. Because of this, a phone has to share the space with other objects and items. Even a small piece of lint from the pocket of your jeans or purse can be a cause of obstruction. Obstructions can easily occur in all common types of ports including USB, Lightning, and the USB-C port.

This can cause problems by creating a physical barrier between the charger and the USB port. A simple blow of air to the USB port can clean out the charging port. Tweezers can also be used to carefully pull any lint or debris out of the port.

Check The Charging Cable

  • Another common reason that prevents your phone from charging properly is the broken or damaged charging cord. Charging cords go through wrapping and unwrapping thereby damaging the cable.

A frayed cable can lead to charging issues. Changing the charging cable will give you an idea if the problem lies with the charging cable or the phone.

Fix The Micro USB Port

  • Charging is also affected when there is an interference in the contact between the USB port and the charger. Minor hardware defects can take place due to continuous insertion and removal of the charger into the port. When this happens the phone won’t charge properly.

There is a simple way to rectify this issue. First,  switch off your phone. Now take a toothpick to guide the little tab inside the phone’s USB port a little higher.


With this, just be careful not to accidentally scrape the sides of the port, especially the bottom side, as this could lead to more serious damages to the phone. As an alternative, you can use 99% rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush to brush out the insides of the port.

Check The Wall Plug Adapter

  • fix a smartphone charging portIf the cable is not the cause of the problem then it could be the adapter that you plug into the electric socket. This is especially important in the case of a charger with a separate cable and the adaptor.

To identify the cause of the problem, plug the phone in a different wall plug or electrical outlet and see if it charges. Using the adapter and cable combination on some other device will allow you to check if the fault lies with the charger or the phone.

Fix A Software Crash

  • Sometimes the phone refuses to charge even after trying different cables, chargers, and charging sockets. This makes the problem peculiar and difficult to detect. It could happen because of a software crash. Sometimes the software that recognizes the charger, crashes.

A reboot or a software reset can get you going by clearing out all the apps and data from memory. A software reset is also helpful in cleaning the unnecessary processes running in the background and causing the battery to drain while charging.

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