Read below to find the top reasons why your phone battery is draining fast

Batteries deteriorate over time and do not last as long as they were made to. It becomes highly inconvenient when the phone is connected to a charging point all the time. Various factors can reduce the lifespan of your phone’s battery. This article highlights some of the reasons that are causing your battery to drain quickly.

Outdated Software

  • Outdated versions of software or apps are one of the basic reasons that are causing your phone’s battery to drain fast. We often overlook the software updates because they seem unnecessary. But regular software updates help improve the battery life of the smartphone. When a phone is updated to the latest iOS and Android versions, it will fix the bugs. Any issues found in the apps are also remediated with the software update. These bugs are the culprits behind poor battery performance in some cases.

Therefore updating the software will eliminate the bugs and provide you with the latest improvements. Software updates allow you to use your phone longer without having to connect it with the charger,

Apps And Background Services

  • Another reason that might cause your phone’s battery to drain fast is the apps and background services. Automatic syncing of various apps occurs in the background all the time. Apps like YouTube keep updating and refreshing the content you might have downloaded or queued. When they do so, the apps drain the battery as they run. Although automatic syncing and backups are the best practices to keep your phone up-to-date. But if you notice a dramatic change in the battery’s capacity then it’s time to disable that feature. It is perhaps a better idea to opt for manual syncing and updates.

However, some messaging and calling apps can consume your battery without active usage. This is because they constantly run in the background by using data and battery to keep the messages and posts updated. To prolong the phone’s battery it’s better to get rid of the apps you are not using and disable the automatic syncing of the apps that you use less often.

Screen Timeout

  • The longer the screen display time you set, the faster the battery drains. Whenever you receive a notification the screen will light up, as long as it stays on the battery is being consumed. Keep the display off and set the screen timeout as minimum as possible.

So when you receive a notification the screen won’t stay awake for long. This will help keep battery consumption in check.

Live Wallpaper

  • phone battery is draining fastLive and bright wallpaper can consume the smartphone battery faster than static wallpaper. The brighter and vivid colors cause the battery to exhaust more quickly. Moving wallpapers additionally drain more battery.

If you are experiencing quicker battery drains and you have to charge your phone more often then it is advisable to have simple and static wallpaper.

Wi-Fi Searching For Networks

  • Most of us keep GPS and Bluetooth on without noticing it. Some people leave their homes without turning off their Wi-Fi. When the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are left on, they constantly keep searching for a network to connect to. They drain the charge quickly in doing so. This is another possible reason why your battery is draining fast. It is wise to turn off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS when it’s not in use. This will prevent the significant usage of the battery by blocking the smartphone from continuously searching for a network or location.

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