Here are some hacks to increase the life of your iPhone

iPhone is the most sought-after mobile phone in the US and for good reason. It is smart, fast, efficient, reliant, and offers good value for money. iPhones don’t come in cheap though and cost quite a fortune. Taking good care of your iPhone is the key to its longevity. Knowing some important iPhone care tips will increase its life and you will require less maintenance over the years. So let’s read on.

Switch Off the iPhone When It’s Charging

  • Heat is generated when any electronic device is heated. The iPhone heats up when it is charged. This increase in temperature is detrimental to your phone’s battery. Using the phone while it is being charged aggravates the situation even more. It shortens its lifespan and the battery drains faster. In extreme cases, the heat from charging can damage internal components.

To avoid damage, it is better to switch off the phone while it is charging. For busy professionals who cannot afford to switch off their phones, the call forwarding option can be used to forward the calls to another phone. Before shutting down the phone, make sure that the charging cable is plugged in and is functional. Charging the phone with the original iPhone cable increases its efficiency and results in fast charging.

Avoid Charging Phone Over 80% of the Capacity

  • This is an unconventional tip, but if followed, this will sustain your battery for a long long time. The rationale behind not charging the phone to 100% lies in the fact that the lithium-ion battery goes in stress mode as it reaches its full capacity. Due to this reason, the batteries in satellites are charged at a capacity of 60-70% only.

To avoid the stress on the battery, iPhone goes into trickle mode after it has been charged to a capacity of 80%. Trickle mode can prevent some of the stress but not all of it. This is why it is recommended to quit charging your phone when it reaches the threshold of 80% charging.

Switch to Low Power Mode

  • Low Power Mode was first introduced in iOS 11. This mode saves excessive battery usage by conserving the phone’s battery. iPhone reminds you to switch to low power mode when the battery drops below 20%. Switch to this mode as soon as the battery reaches this level. It saves unnecessary stress on the battery.

If you wish to conserve battery and extend its life, then we recommend you to switch to Low Power Mode every time you are not using your phone extensively. You can activate this mode by tapping on Settings > Battery. The battery meter graphic will turn orange when you switch to low power mode.increase the life of your iphone

Switch to Airplane Mode When Possible

  • Weak cellular signals are a drain on the battery. When the signal is weak, all cellular components have to draw in more power to function properly. In such a situation, the phone starts to heat up which consequently reduces the battery’s lifespan.

A few years ago, a passenger’s iPhone caught fire on a flight. The reason is that the phone was neither turned off nor set on airplane mode. It drew a lot of power to establish and maintain a cellular connection. The iPhone user was also watching a movie on the phone. As a result, the phone got heated up and was set ablaze.

  • This is a rare case, but it can happen nevertheless. This is why it is recommended to switch to airplane mode when the signals are weak and the phone is not in use.

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