Here are 6 DIY tips to prevent your iPhone cables from fraying

There is no doubt that the iPhone tops the list of the best smartphones but unfortunately, its charger cable is far from the best. It splits and breaks quickly and easily. In this article, we have compiled a list of solutions that can help make your iPhone’s cable last longer.

Do Not Wrap The Cable Tightly

  • One of the common reasons why the iPhone’s cable frays or breaks is when you carelessly throw the cable in your bag or drawer after use. It is likely to end up in a tangled mess which causes the delicate wires inside to break.

However, wrapping the cable tightly around your hand and tying it in a knot will not help either. Every time you do this, the small cables inside may bend or crush ultimately affecting its charging ability. The better way is to gently loop the cable a few times then tuck each end into the loop.

Connect And Remove The Charger Carefully

  • The charger cables are fragile and consist of small wires inside that require you to handle them with care. When disconnecting the charger, yanking or pulling the cable can cause it to break. When connecting your phone to the charger do not force the pin into the charging port either.

If you are not careful you may end up breaking the cable or damaging the charging port. It is always wise to insert and remove the cable gently into the phone or charger to avoid any breakages.

Avoid Over Stretching The cable

  • Another common reason behind the fraying of the iPhone’s charging cable is the bends. Cables are liable to squashing or breaking due to excessive pressure, tension, or any external force.

When that happens the point that connects the plug to the cable gets damaged. In addition, stretching the cable down can cause it to fray. Make sure the cable is lying flat and straight when you charge your phone.

Protect It With A Heat Shrink Tube

  • An electrical heat shrinking tube is a cheap and common item that is available widely across all hardware stores. It is easier to use than the other solutions and prolongs the life of your cable. Simply pass your iPhone cable through the tube. Next, use a hairdryer to provide heat.

This will cause the tube to shrink and automatically fit your iPhone cable. Electrical heat shrinking tubes come in different color options. So you can customize it to create a new design and make your cable look good.

Use An Electrical Tape

  • iPhone cables from frayingAnother tip to protect your iPhone cable from fraying is by using electrical tape. It has a very strong adhesive property as well as a smooth and shiny surface. It is most commonly used by electricians as a safe way of tying electrical wires without worrying about damage or breakage.

Electrical tapes are a quick and easy fix and they make your iPhone cable last longer. Simply wrap the tape tightly at both ends of the iPhone cable. Electrical tapes are also available in a wide range of colors. Thus, you can mix and match to create a design that best meets your taste.

Try Out The Paracord

  • Simply take your paracord bracelet and separate the cord into two pieces. Then melt the ends of the cord with a lighter, to prevent it from fraying. Take your iPhone cable and start wrapping the paracord around both its ends.

Make sure the paracord locks itself in place. Your iPhone cable is now safe from damage. Paracord bracelets come in different colors and designs, therefore you get the option to customize your iPhone cable according to your style.

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