List of 7 mobile phone repair tools needed for cell phone repairs

While repairing the phone it is important to have some knowledge of the repair tools, to select the best tool for a particular task. Having high-quality repair tools on hand can make your life easy. Some important cell phone repair tools are listed below with their functional details.

Soldering Iron

  • It is used to solder things like capacitors, transistors, diodes, etc. Components in the phones are sensitive and can be easily damaged due to static electricity. So choose a soldering iron from a reliable brand that won’t burn your hand or the pieces you are repairing.

The soldering station is different from the traditional soldering iron as it has the option to regulate temperature. Hence is more convenient to use.

Pry Tool

  • When it comes to repairing mobile phones, the pry tool is the handiest and convenient tool to have. It is a versatile tool that is used to open all kinds of phones without damaging anything.

But do not use it to unplug connectors on the inside of the phone because it is metal and is sharp. Only use it to get inside of things that are glued together and need to be cut without damage.

Voltage Tester Multimeter

  • A multimeter is used to detect the state of charge, power, as well as voltage of the device. When the multimeter is plugged in without a phone attached to it, it shows a reading of 0.000 or 0.00.

Once a phone is connected to the multimeter first three digits i.e. 0.00 are going to change to something. If they don’t change all then it shows that the phone has a battery board or charge-board issue, this is how the multimeter works.

The Anti-Static Strap

  • mobile phone repair toolsThe idea of this tool is that any shock that is sent to an electronic component is sent through this cable to the ground. There is a cable attached to a strap. The strap is put on the wrist. One side of the cable is attached to this strap while the other end is connected to the ground.

So, if there is any static electricity on the body or the clothes, it will discharge through the wire onto the ground and not in the electronic component. Wearing the anti-static bracelet prevents transferring the static to the device.

Nylon Spudger

  • Nylon spudger is another important tool used in repairing mobile phones. Spudgers are used for opening a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or other small electronic devices. It is sometimes used to cut the adhesive around the iPhone.

Nylon spudgers are safe to use for sensitive devices as they prevent scratching or chipping any part of the mobile. They are easy to use and have a compact lightweight design that makes them portable.

Screwdriver Kits

  • Screwdriver kits are popular for opening mobile phones. Whether iPhone or Android the screwdriver works equally well. Thin and long screwdrivers make it easy to reach hard places. So it is good to have screwdrivers of all sizes and shapes to make work easy and enjoyable.

Make sure the screwdrivers are anti-slip to help increase the efficiency of work.

Curved Tweezers

  • Several tiny parts are connected to make a phone work the way it is supposed to work. While repairing a phone, these tiny parts are hard to pick and repair by hand. That is when the tweezers come in handy.

The tip of the tweezers is shaped in such a way that it makes it easy to handle small objects used in phone repair. Curved tweezers allow more access and control which is crucial for effortless repair.

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