Here are 5 astonishing reasons to buy an apple watch today

The Apple Watch is the ultimate device you need for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It provides health advice and helps keep track of the things that matter the most. It’s like a fitness partner that suits all your needs. But it does much more than track your activity and help you stay fit. Let’s learn why the Apple Watch is one of the most useful gadgets to buy.

Keeps Track Of Your Fitness

  • With the iPhone and Apple Watch, the user can keep track of the activity done throughout the day. This is great for encouraging the users to stand more, move more or exercise more. There’s a saying, that which can be measured can be improved. In the same way, seeing and tracking daily activity can help increase or adjust fitness goals accordingly.

The Activity app allows the user to see how far they have walked or for how long. This provides encouragement and motivation to do more. The Workout app is great for distances and it helps take extra steps and finish extra miles. The heart rate sensor keeps the user in the right zone when exercising.

The Gadget Can Save Lives

  • It is amazing to note that the Apple watch has an ECG or electrocardiogram function. This saves lives by detecting irregular heartbeats. Another thing that could save a life is fall detection.

So if the individual wearing the Apple watch is hurt, it could send for help. It is a pretty cool feature that helps save people’s lives from using an Apple Watch. The smart device can potentially save lives and this makes it a must-have gadget.

Set Timers

  • Timers are used all the time to stay mindful of everyday tasks. For setting timers voice can be used or a complication can be put on the watch face for quick access.

Complications are the app icons that are put on the watch faces. This helps get to the apps that are frequently used. Some of the watches have few of these complications others have more.

Help Find Directions

  • reasons to buy an apple watchThe maps on the watch can serve two purposes. First, if the map is set on the phone, it will show the direction on the watch face. With a haptic tap or vibration on the wrist, it indicates when turns are coming up. This is a great way for using the phone to set the directions and then putting the phone back in the pocket.

The second way to use the watch is to search right on the watch. It allows the user to open the Map app, do a search and see the most recent places. Users can find out the directions on the watch by simply using their voice.

Receive and Respond To Notifications

  • The Apple Watch is great for receiving notifications. It is convenient to be able to see your mail at a glance and see if it’s something that needs dealing with. This saves the effort of pulling the phone out of the pocket every time the phone vibrates with a notification. It is convenient to look down at your wrist and decide whether to respond or delete the mail right away.

Users can also reply to emails from the email app on the watch. This is one of the awesome features of the Apple Watch. Notifications for emails, messages, calendar events, and more can be received and viewed on the watch. The notifications copy the phone notifications unless the settings for the watch are changed.

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