Here is a list of signs your phone needs repairing or replacement

Cell phones are an inevitable part of our lives. From chatting to social media and net surfing to taking pictures and videos, a cell phone holds our entire world. Life seems disabled if we have to go even a day without our cell phones. Just like any other machine mobile phones are susceptible to software crashes, bugs, and physical damages. Knowing the root cause of the problem can help you deal with it properly. So we have listed a few signs that show that your cell phone needs to be repaired.

Excessive Heating And Slowing Down

  • When a cell phone is in use multiple cores are running at super-fast speed. Therefore, prolonged usage can cause a cell phone to heat up. If the cell phone heats up more than usual even without any activity, this is not normal.

It is an indicator of the underlying issue that can cause the device to shut off completely. If the cell phone is heating up abnormally, do not take this lightly. Get it checked by a professional phone repairer.

Apps And OS Crashing

If your operating system randomly crashes, apps stop working or sudden reboots occur there are two possible reasons:

  • Either the new operating system update is not going with your phone or
  • You have installed a new app that is not compatible with the phone

However, if you didn’t do any of those things and your phone still keeps crashing, then that is not a good sign. Issues with RAM or ROM might have something to do with it. Start by creating a backup of your data then restore your phone.

Small issues can be easily fixed at home especially if you are aware of the reason that is causing them. But if you have tried all you knew and still it doesn’t solve the problem, it is time to visit an expert phone repairer.

Bulged Battery

  • Sometimes damage can be detected by physical changes. A bulging battery is one of the signs that indicate the phone needs a new battery. A bulging battery can be dangerous because it shows that chemicals break down inside the battery.

When you notice changes in your phone’s size or if the surface is not flat anymore discontinue using it and replace it right away. Otherwise, your phone might succumb to a short circuit and catch fire.

Issue With The Charging Port

  • signs your phone needs repairingDefects in the charging port cause the phone to slow charge or stop charging altogether. This happens when the small connector in the USB port fails to connect with the charging cable.

There are several reasons behind a faulty charging port:

  • The accumulation of dirt in the port inhibits the power supply by blocking the contact
  • When the phone is frequently dropped hardware damage can cause charging issues
  • In a highly humid environment charging port is liable to corrosion

Issues that are not related to hardware can be fixed at home. Use a needle and soft cotton to remove the dirt from the charging port. Look at the charging pin’s shape before carefully attaching it to the phone.

Battery Drains Quickly

  • If the phone’s battery does not last as long as it used to, there is nothing to worry about. With aging the battery life of the phone decreases. But if it fails to last more than a few hours, then your phone is showing a red flag. Consider replacing the battery or the phone.

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