Read below the 5 expected smartphone problems that can be fixed easily

Smartphones are a delicate technology that holds our entire world. But they are susceptible to both internal and external damages. Therefore, it is good to be aware of the issues that require instant repairs. So we have listed a few issues that require instant repair of your cell phones.

Exposure To Water

  • There are hundreds of ways a phone can come in contact with water or any other liquid. When that happens the phone will succumb to water damage in no time. Water damage may not always be fixable. Modern mobile phones come with a waterproofing feature that makes your phone water-resistant to some degree.

However, if your phone is not waterproof and none of the DIY solutions that prevent a phone from water damage are working, take help from qualified smartphone technicians. A repair technician will access your phone to see if the damage is repairable.

Shattered Screen

  • Although repairing a broken screen may seem unnecessary, it is inarguably an important repair. It has been estimated that 50 million smartphone screens are broken in the U.S each year. A cracked or broken screen is the most common issue that requires repairs. A broken screen may sometimes render a smartphone useless.

Fortunately, repairing and replacing a smartphone’s screen is easy. A smartphone repair expert can help you repair it in no time. However, the degree of repair needed depends on the damage received by phone. A smartphone case can help prevent damage but once the screen is broken it needs to be repaired.

Issues With The Battery

  • As the phone becomes old its battery life decreases. If it fails to last more than a few hours it indicates serious issues with the battery. Consider replacing the battery or the phone. Sometimes damage can be detected by physical changes. A bulging battery is one of the signs that indicate that the battery needs to be repaired.

When you notice changes in your phone’s size, discontinue using it. A bulging battery can be dangerous since it shows that chemicals are breaking down inside the battery. It is best to leave it up to the professionals to decide whether the battery needs repair or replacement.

Damaged Charging Port

  • smartphone problems that can be fixedIt is quite easy to damage your charging port even when you are careful with the charging cables and port. Defects in the charging port cause the phone to slow charge or stop charging altogether. This happens when the small connectors in the USB port fail to connect with the charging cable.

There are several reasons behind a faulty charging port. For instance, the accumulation of dirt in the port inhibits the power supply by blocking the contact. If the phone is frequently dropped hardware damage can also cause charging issues needing instant repairs.

Loss of Button Functions

  • As home keys and power buttons are frequently used, they tend to stop working altogether. Replacement and repair of home or power buttons are fairly common. Damaged buttons make you lose control over opening and closing apps and navigation.

Cell phone repair stores commonly offer button repair, cleaning, and replacement services to bring your phone back to life. Repairing a smartphone is a difficult task since it involves delicate parts and complex procedures. It is best to let the phone repair experts fix it for you.

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