Here’s part 2 of our list of secret iPhone settings

These 16 iPhone secret settings guarantee to enhance your user experience with the iPhone. In our second installment, we take a look at 8 more iPhone secret settings that you didn’t know about. Read about them below. 

Search Browser Tabs

  • If you have a lot of open tabs on your Safari browser, and you need to quickly switch to a tab that has something specific open, you can use the search option. 

Simply rotate your phone to landscape mode and click on the tabs button. You will see a box that says ‘Search Tabs’. You can use this to search for the tab that you want to open and it will automatically bring it up. 

Customize Ringtones And Vibrations

  • This setting is particularly useful if you want to identify who is calling you, without looking at your phone. 

To set this up, open contacts and tap on any contact from your list. Now click on Edit and from there you can select a different ringtone and vibration pattern. 

Automatic Wi-Fi Management

  • Every time your iPhone comes in a range of a saved Wi-Fi network, it will automatically switch, so that you can save your cellular data. 

You can set your phone to detect if the connected Wi-Fi isn’t working well and to switch back to cellular data. To do this, open Settings, click on Cellular, and turn on ‘Wi-Fi Assist’.

Sort Files In Phone Storage

  • If you are storing a lot of files on your iPhone, this sorting option is going to come in handy for you. Simply open the iOS Files app and drag it down anywhere on the screen. You’ll immediately see options to sort files by size, name, type, and other parameters. 

You can sort files by size and see which apps are using the most storage. By deleting them, you can get more space on your iPhone and no longer have to contact a professional phone repair service to help you. 

Reply To Calls With Custom Messages

  • iphone secret settings you didnt know aboutIf you are too busy to answer a call, you can decline with a preset text message. Almost all phones have this feature, but with the iPhone, you can type in your own custom message. 

Go to Settings, click on Phone and then on ‘Respond with Text’. Here you are able to add and edit messages that can be sent when you hang up on a call. 

Password Protect Notes

  • Most of us love using the Notes app on our iPhones. It helps us store important information, our shopping lists, to-do lists, and data that might be sensitive such as passwords. 

Click on Settings and then on Notes. Next click on ‘Password’ and now you can set a password and a Touch ID to secure your Notes. 

Disable Read Receipts

  • If you are using the iMessage, you can disable read receipts for selected conversations, thus allowing you a bit more privacy. 

To do this, open up the conversation and click on the (i) at the top. Now disable the ‘Send Read Receipts’ option. This feature works only if both people are using iMessage. 

Restrict Location & GPS Tracking

  • By keeping location tracking enabled all of the time, you end up draining your iPhone’s battery quicker. In terms of privacy, it is also not advised to let apps track your location all the time. 

To change this, open Settings and then navigate to Privacy and then to ‘Location Services’. Here you will see a list of apps that have access to location tracking. Simply adjust your location settings from ‘Always’ to ‘While Using The App’. 

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