Here is the list of different types of phone charger cables

The first cell phone prototype was invented by Martin Cooper in 1973. Countless numbers and types of mobile phone charging cables have been sold since then. However, it is important to purchase a cable that is compatible with your phone. Here is a guide to help you choose the right charger cable for your phone.

Micro-USB Cables

  • Micro-USB cables are small in size and are used for mobiles and certain other gadgets. It is important to insert them the right way into the port. If they are inserted upside down or backward, they fail to charge the device.

Moreover, there is a risk of damage to the charging port and the cable. They can be directly connected to your device without requiring a computer interface.

Advantage Over Other Cables

  • These are some of the most commonly sold types of cables. Micro-USB cables have become the standard mobile phone cables for brands like Samsung and LG. These are considered superior to Mini-USB chargers because of their size and ability to support large amounts of data transfer.

They can support a data transfer of 480 MBPS. Type A and type B are the subtypes of Micro USB cables.

Type A Charger Cable

  • The USB Type-A charger cables are typically rectangular and consist of pin connectors at the bottom. These are the most common types of USB cables. USB Type-A ports are present on host devices like a smartphone or a computer.

These cables are quite stiff and are only compatible with certain types of ports. USB Type-A cable can only be inserted one way into the port. Therefore they should be inserted carefully to prevent damage to the device or cable.

 Type B Charger Cable

  • USB type B ports are present on large devices such as printers, scanners, and external storage devices. These cables have a distinctive square shape with slant corners. However, type B ports are becoming obsolete with the invention of modern devices and types of USB chargers.

Therefore these are not as commonly found in the commercial market as the other types of USB cables.

USB Type C Cable

  • types of phone charger cablesIn the past few years, USB type C charger cables have become most popular among mobile manufacturers. This is because these cables have considerable advantages over the other types. USB C-type cables are faster than their predecessors. In addition, these cables are more powerful than the older types.

There is no risk of damage to the device by inserting the cable in the wrong way. USB-C type cables can be inserted upside down as they are backward compatible. If you plug them upside down they will still work. In recent years, Apple has switched to USB C-type cables for its devices.

Apple’s Lightning Charger

  • Replacing the original 30 pin dock connectors, the lightning phone charger cables are designed and owned by Apple Inc. The lightning cord has 8 pins and can be inserted into the port in any direction. iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, and all the latest models of Apple are compatible with a lightning charger cable.

Apple has been using this type of USB cable with every iPhone model since 2012. This made it easy to charge different Apple gadgets with just one cord.

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