Here is the list of various types of screen protectors and how they are protecting your screen

A cracked screen not only looks bad but also lowers the value of the phone. A screen protector is inarguably one of the most important smartphone accessories. It can protect and safeguard your screen from scratches. There are different types of screen protectors on the market, each with its advantages. Here are a few of them.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

  • Tempered glass undergoes different thermal and chemical treatments that increase its strength. It is commonly used for making screen protectors. Tempered glass is also used for making windshields, safety glasses, kitchen appliances, and more. High-quality tempered glass is regarded as one of the best screen protectors for several reasons.

For instance, it shows a clear display and is known for its good light transmittance. Moreover, a screen protector made with tempered glass is anti-reflective and therefore it reduces glare. It pairs well with a smartphone’s screen and gives a proper finish.

Polyethylene Terephthalate Screen Protector

  • Polyethylene terephthalate or PET plastic screen protectors are made of polyester film that has a matte coating on one side and silicone adhesive on the other side. High-quality PET plastic screen protectors are known for their anti-scratch quality. They are clear and prevent a smartphone’s screen from scratching by adding a protective layer to the screen.

On the downside, they have lesser impact protection as compared to tempered glass screen protectors since they do not protrude as much. However, they have excellent clarity and transmittance. They are also fairly flexible and do not shatter.

Thermoplastic Polyreuthane Protector

  • TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane screen protectors use chemically enhanced and scratch-resistant plastic. TPU screen protectors are flexible and have maximum toughness. They also have oil and grease-resistant properties. Moreover, they have a rubbery sort of plastic that can go edge-to-edge with every phone. TPU protectors offer better impact protection than PET plastic screen protectors.

TPU material has elastic properties and softness which causes it to absorb nonextreme impacts without scratching or breaking the screen. It can withstand lighter drops and scratches while maintaining all or most of its original composition. However, they may be difficult to apply.

Privacy Screen Protector

  • If you don’t like people looking at your screen while you use your phone in public, a privacy screen protector is one of the best choices for your phone. Privacy screen protectors are essentially made of tempered glass and involve a little bit of polarization.

This is helpful in effectively restricting the viewable angle of the phone. Privacy screen protectors can also be made with PET plastic that has an anti-spy layer that provides defense against lurking eyes.

Anti-Glare Screen Protector

  • types of screen protectorsAnti-glare screen protectors come with a matte finish coating that efficiently reduces the glare of the screen in bright areas. They are available in plastic or tempered glass varieties that also reduce fingerprints. They work well for keeping your screen free of damage.

However, the only catch is that they can affect the clarity of the display. For this reason, choose an anti-glare screen protector if your work involves utilizing the phone in bright locations for extended periods.

Hydrogel Screen Protector

  • Hydrogel is another material used as a screen protector. Hydrogel is a rubbery processed plastic that offers a better scratch resistance than PET screen protectors. Hydrogel material is elastic and does not crack easily. It is known for its self-healing abilities and fixes minor scratches by itself. It is however a bit tricky to apply.

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